Why Attend Our AWS CWI 3 Day Preparatory Course Over And Above 6 Day Seminar?

Why Attend Our AWS CWI 3 Day Preparatory Course Over And Above 6 Day Seminar?


Our 3 Day Preparatory course is normally 10-15 days before the start of the official 6 Day Seminar for AWS CWI.

This Three day seminar is designed for better understanding of PART B and PART C course. Here are some reason that you should consider attending this course:

1. A candidate normally spends more than 1250 USD for the course and it is a great discouragement if he does not earns atleast a CAWI  from the first attempt he makes

2. It is also clear that all candidates are coming from the working professional background which means that are doing a job and most of them find it difficult to devote extra time to prepare for this course and thus come to the 5 Day Seminar without any preparation

3. Attending this orientation course helps increase the chances to 90% of any candidate to atleast earn a CAWI

4. The orientation course helps in discovering the course syllabi and also the difficulty level of the questions that come in a typical AWS CWI  exam. This increased familiarity helps in gaining key points during the seminar.

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Best Way for Preparation for AWS CWI

Eurotech  Agency is the world best way for choosing to attend the practice and preparation recommended to attend there  online exam module to know your weak areas and focus  more on the weak  preparation  , With in seminar around 2 sets of exam for full module and in between each module preparation exams

Example – part C two exams

Part B 2 exams

Part A 2 Exams for full course and separate exam and practical for symbol s etc

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