How to prepare for Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) Exam?

How to Prepare for Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) Exam?


Every time we think about exams it gives us goosebumps. But to achieve anything what we require utmost is investment of two things: good amount of time and commitment towards achievement of the goal. Basically the test is divided into three significant sections.

Section 1: Self-Assessment
Section 2: Creating a Routine
Section 3: Adapting

Before commencing any preparation, it is important that we take a practice test and see where do we stand in terms of subject knowledge. Depending on the score you achieve during your practice test, one can design a routine to take down the preparation.

This exam is divided into three parts A, B, and C.

Part A consists of the basic Welding knowledge, comprising of 150 questions According to the QC1 the CWI Part A exam contains a minimum of 150 questions that must be answered within a two hour period.


Part B tests a range of inspection topics, including welding examination and non-destructive testing. This part contains at least 46 questions that must be finished in two hours. For Part B you’ll be provided with visual inspection tools, plastic replicas of welds and a sample codebook.


Part C just makes an analysis that what is the ability of the exam giver to locate and understand information in a code book. Part C of the CWI exam contains a minimum of 46 questions. All parts of the exam require you to get at least 72% of the questions correct.


Coming back to the preparation for Part A and B you are approximately required to study and understand 130 pages in depth which means giving good 20-46 hours, as preparing the welding symbols alone takes 13 -26 hours

And finally preparing for the complete course it takes 35 – 40 weeks concluding to be 10-12 hours of study in a week’s time.


So if you are planning to take up CWI exam, good luck to start up with a new career.