Importance of ISO 17025:2017

An ISO 17025 accredited laboratory demonstrates that it is technically proficient and is able to produce accurate and precise test calibration data. Laboratory accreditation bodies use ISO 17025:2017 standard to assess the factors relevant to a laboratory’s ability to produce accurate, precise calibration data and tests, including:

  • Appropriate transportation and handling of test items
  • Maintenance of test equipment
  • Quality assurance of calibration data and tests
  • Quality of the sampling and testing environment
  • Appropriateness and validity of tests
  • Traceability of calibrations and measurements to national standards
  • Technical competence of staff

Why is it important to calibrate your instruments in an ISO 17025 Accredited Lab?

ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation proves that a laboratory has an acceptable quality management system in place and has the competence and ability to provide calibration and testing results. Accredited laboratories perform tests against ISO 17025 and the results are mutually acceptable between different regulatory and government organizations. The arrangement between accreditation bodies is that accredited member’s test results will meet the same minimum quality standard regardless of the accreditation body and that the calibration results would be recognized as if they had performed the calibration themselves.

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