What Quality Professionals Do?

To embed quality in the organization’s core, the quality professionals focus on three main areas in the organization. These areas are:

  1. Governance: Governance commences when the top management expresses its commitment to quality. Effective and strong governance means ensuring that the aims of the management are clear cut and at the same time, reflect the stakeholder requirements. It also includes ensuring that right policies, processes and people are in place to turn aims into actions.
  2. Assurance: The quality professional will ensure that the priorities and policies that have been decided are being carried out properly and whether the output i.e. product, service or project, is meeting stakeholder’s needs or not.
  3. Culture: The quality professional has to ensure that there is a culture of improvement in the organization. This means that there is continually evaluating the organization’s performance to reduce risk, improve efficiency, and create new opportunities.


The quality professionals are recognized in the organization as the following:

  • Agents for Change: They help in changing the culture, processes and behavior of the organization.
  • Guardians: Their role is to protect the business by identifying the standards governing business performance and ensure that they are met.
  • Collaborators: They work in collaboration with leaders and managers.
  • Leaders: They create, manage and improve the organization’s business processes.
  • Progressive: They have an understanding of the realities of managing an organization in a continuously changing environment.
  • Professional: A quality professional is qualified by the professional institute of CQI IRCA and is bound by a strict code of conduct.

CQI is the only chartered body, which is dedicated to quality professionals. IRCA is the division of CQI and is the leading professional body for management system auditors.

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