Documentation Control

Documentation Control is one of the important aspects of ISO 9001:2015.

The quality plan should state the following for proper control of documents and data:

  1. How will the documents and data be identified?
  2. Who will review and approve the documents and data?
  3. To whom will the documents be distributed or who has to be notified of the availability of the documents?
  4. How can one obtain the access to these documents and data?

Apart from control of documents, control of records is also important. The quality plan should include answers of questions like:

  1. How, where and for how long are the records to be kept.
  2. How will the contractual, regulatory and statutory requirements be satisfied?
  3. Whether the records will be kept in hard copy or soft copy?
  4. Defining storage, retrievability, disposition and confidentiality requirements.
  5. How will it be ensured that the records are available when required?
  6. What, when and how will the records be supplied to customers?
  7. Where applicable, in what language the records are to be provided?
  8. How will the records be disposed off?

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