Identifying The Need of The Quality Plan

The first and foremost step in making a quality plan in any organization is identifying the need for why a quality plan is required. Before making a quality plan, the reason behind its formation should be known. There are a number of situations where quality plans may be useful. Some of these situations are:

  • When it is to be shown that the organization’s quality management system applies to a specific case
  • For meeting regulatory, statutory and customer requirements
  • In case of developing and validating new product and services
  • For demonstrating internally as well as externally, how quality requirements are being met
  • To manage and organize activities for meeting quality requirements and objectives
  • For optimizing the use of resources in meeting quality objectives
  • For minimizing the risk of not fulfilling quality requirements
  • To have a basis for assessing and monitoring compliance with the requirements for quality
  • When the documented management system is absent.

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