Preparing Data For Analysis – Customer Satisfaction

Once we have collected the customer satisfaction data, it is essential to analyze it before making any decisions or taking any actions based on that data.

For preparing data for analysis, there are two main points to be kept in mind.

  1. Data Verification: It is essential to verify the collected data, because it is on the basis of this data that further actions and decisions are taken towards better customer satisfaction. The organization can verify the collected data by checking the following:
    1. Any errors or mistakes in the data – These have to be removed or corrected, for if they are not, they will lead to incorrect and misleading conclusions.
    2. Completeness of data – One has to be careful about the completion of data while making decisions based on the collected data. This is because if the data is incomplete, the analysis of the same will lead to incorrect and false results.
    3. Accuracy of data – It is essential that the collected data is accurate, for if it’s not, it will lead to non reliable decisions.
  2. Data Categorization: Where possible, the data collected should be prepared for the analysis by:
    1. Coding open-ended responses into categories and,
    2. Coding responses into groups of respondents.

Once this is done, the data will be ready to be analyzed.

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