Handling Customer Complaints By Small Businesses

ISO 10012- A guidance document coming from ISO 9001:2015 for handling customer complaint in small organizations:

Small businesses don’t have a large stock of resources to set up and maintain complaint handling process. These few simple steps will help small organizations in handling customer complaints both effectively and efficiently.

  • 1)    No Counter Arguments: Once the complaint is received, there should not be any counter argument with the customer. The organization should be open to receiving complaints. Adding a simple paragraph or line like, ‘Please contact us, if you have any problem with the product’, will make a huge impact.
  • 2)    Collection and Recording of Complaints: There should be a proper record of all the complaints received, for example: Type of complaint, complaints solved, complaints remaining unsolved etc.
  • 3)    Acknowledging the Receipt of the Complaint: Once the organization receives the complaint, the complainant should be acknowledged that his complaint is received by the organization. This can be done by sending an e-mail or making a phone call to the concerned complainant.
  • 4)    Assessing the Complaint: The complaint should be assessed for validity, possible impact and who is the best person to deal with it.
  • 5)    Resolving the Complaint: The complaint should be resolved as soon as possible.
  • 6)    Giving a Response to the Customer: The customer should be informed about what the organization tends to do about the complaint and then evaluate the customer’s response. If the response is positive, then the organization should promptly move to the action the customer reasonably expects.
  • 7)    Recording the Outcome: When all possible actions are done form the organization’s point of view to resolve the complaint, the outcome should be recorded and the same should be informed to the customer. If the customer still remains unsatisfied, the organization should offer any possible alternative actions.
  • 8)     Regular Reviewing of Complaints: The organization should have a brief periodical review and a more intensive annual review, which will help in establishing a trend in the occurrence of complaints. This will also help in finding any obvious things that the organization can change to stop the occurrence of complaints and make the customers more satisfied. 

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