Principles of Achieving Customer Satisfaction

ISO 10004 is a guidance document coming from ISO 9001:2015 for monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is subject to change, therefore organizations should establish processes to monitor and measure customer satisfaction on regular basis.

Some of the guiding principles for achieving customer satisfaction are:

  • Comprehension: The organization must have clear and full understanding of customer’s expectations and his perception of how those expectations are being met.
  • Integrity: The organization should ensure that all the data related to customer satisfaction is relevant, correct and complete.
  • Relevance: Any information derived from customer satisfaction related data should be useful and meaningful.
  • Timeliness: Collection and dissemination of data should be done in record time, so that organizations objectives are achieved.
  • Communication: The organization should ensure that the collected information is receives by the interested parties.
  • Continuity: It must be ensured y the organization that monitoring of customer satisfaction is a continuous process.
  • Responsiveness: The information collected regarding customer satisfaction should be the basis of action in remedying customer complaints.
  • Transparency: All the information collected and any resulting actions taken should be shared with the customers.
  • Accountability: The organization should establish a clear accountability as to who is responsible for the decisions and actions taken in respect to monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction.
  • Commitment: The organization must be committed in making such processes and policies that can measure the satisfaction of their customers.

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