Difference between Fundamentals and Practitioner Course for API Q1

API Q1 Fundamentals Course

API Q1 Practitioner Course

Covers All the 6 clauses of  API Q1  9th EditionCovers All the 6 clauses of  API Q1  9th Edition and also covers API Monogram program requirements  and gives an opportunity for participant to practice the new concepts of Risk Assessment, MOC, PQP in detail
It is of 2.5 days in durationIt is of 4 days in Duration
Can be taken aloneIt has to be done along with the API Q1  fundamentals  course – These courses are generally announced together for each location in the API U calendar and also on our website

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It has a continuous assessment throughout the courseIt has a Objective type assessment at the end of the course
You get a Fundamentals Certificate if you passYou get a Practitioner certificate if you pass and a Fundamentals certificate if you are not able to make it
It is a API U Approved courseIt is ALSO a API U Approved course

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